3-Steps For Quality Stone Countertops

We know it deep down in our bones.

We can feel it, sense it, resonate with it, embrace it, yet it is almost impossible to describe in words.

A $10,000 dollar watch has a different “feel” than a 10 dollar watch. The function is the same. The satisfaction that comes from the delivery of that function is decidedly NOT the same.

You just “know” the difference and the discerning among us yearn for quality in all aspects of their lives.

We understand that yearning…

…we champion quality every day of our working lives.

It begins with world-class stone. Stone is a living entity in our opinion. Each slab is unique. Each slab is searching for an owner that resonates with it on a primal level. The stone and the owner can feel the bond that forms.

This is the foundation of the countertop that will dominate the “heart of your home,” your kitchen. The quality of the stone is the cornerstone for the whole success of the project. No amount of artisan production values will help overcome low-quality material.

We spend an inordinate amount of time with you matching the perfect stone to your vision. It is the fundamental step in loving your final result.

First step complete?

The next move forward is the production of a masterpiece from a beautiful, wild, raw material. Be it Granite, Marble, Soapstone, and even Engineered Quartz natural stone is the basis of your heirloom-quality project.

How lovingly is your countertop carved from the chaos of nature?

We have our own factory, incredibly experienced craftsman, working on the finest equipment to the highest tolerances imaginable.






The pride is in the fit. The art is in the fit. Your joy and satisfaction are in the fit.

It takes years of experience, skill, and an absolute love of your craft to produce a magnificent stone countertop for your kitchen.

If the slightest cut is off, if it is out, even a hair, it will never look “right.”

We have checked step two off in our 3-step journey to heritage quality kitchens in your home.



The last step in a world-class installation.

All the previous steps mean nothing if the countertop is not installed in your kitchen to the most exacting standards.

An off-kilter seam. A minuscule gap. A slightly twisted surface.

You can’t un-see it. It will eat at you forever. The whole project can be ruined at the last moment with shoddy, uncaring, workmanship.

Again, our team of installers are experienced, committed, artisans that love stone, quality, and giving outstanding results.

The difference is pride.

We are not a cookie-cutter box store. We are not a cut-rate, in-and-out operation.

We are a family business that works with a select few clients that appreciate pride, old-world values, and fanatical customer service.

Our job is not done until you are satisfied.

Contact Martina today for a free in-depth consultation.

She loves talking stone!