Granite Countertops

The “eye” of the artisan is imperative when working with granite. It is a classic choice for any kitchen. Granite is a very popular material no matter what the kitchen design entails.

Granite gives you a heritage quality countertop your friends will envy and you will love.

So, how do you decide if the elegance and “WOW” factor of granite is for you?


  1. You are looking for a beautiful surface that can be used in almost any kitchen design
  2. You are looking for incredible variety of choice
  3. You are looking for heirloom quality
  4. You want simple maintenance
  5. You want retained value over time

Then granite may be for you.

Quality of Granite
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Granite comes from all over the world. Good and bad Granite can be seen from every country as well. Thus, buying based solely on the country of origin can potentially be an issue.

Stonewrights uses trusted suppliers that have worked with us for many years. They know the quality standards Stonewrights and their customers demand.
Stonewrights technicians check the quality of the stone as soon as it hits the saw table. The use of a high intensity light for every nook and cranny assures us that incredible quality is the ultimate priority.

It is the quality of the stone and the quality of the polishing and processing that makes the difference, not the country of origin.

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Making decisions about installing stone are numerous. Edge choice, stone quality, cleaning and maintenance requirements and pricing are all factors that you need to consider. Download our handy Tip Sheet that details some of these various topics. If you have any other questions, please feel to reach out to Martina by clicking here.

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Granite countertop
Granite countertop

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