The boy sat outside on a beautiful sunny day and rested. He was an ordinary boy that liked to run and laugh and play, but on this day he was more reflective.

The beauty of the meadow was overwhelming. The sunlight dripping off the trees and grass. Then he noticed the rock he was resting on. The sunlight reflecting off the stone made it gleam, sparkle and an incredible pattern appeared. The stone was dense, strong and gave a solid, reassuring feel to the touch.

That day natural stone and especially Granite became an obsession. Unknowingly, this chance encounter would lead to, a purveyor of natural stone countertops for your bathroom and kitchen.

More about that remarkable journey on future posts, but suffice to say, a love of granite was born.

Watch any HGTV home improvement or home search show and everyone is crazy about the beautiful Granite countertops they see. Many state that the first thing they are going to do is replace the present countertops with beautiful new Granite.

Here are just a few reactions from delighted Granite countertop owners:

Thanks so much for the great job on my granite countertops. The stone is beautiful and the cutting and polishing was outstanding as was the installation. You and your team are to be congratulated for your technical skills and artistic sense.

No easy task to express how pleased we are with our new granite kitchen and bathroom work surfaces! The finish work is exemplary and as the light changes, we see nuances appear and command attention. Stunning. So reminiscent of Tuscany! It was a pleasure working with you – clearly you know your business.

I’m pleased to let you know that six months after the kitchen renovation, our granite countertops are still my favourite feature. The leather finish Angola black granite you helped us choose, looks exactly right in our 1930’s era restored kitchen. But the very best part is how easy it is to clean, maintain and live with. And ultimately, the measure of a good decision is how easy it is to live with. But as time passes, we have not forgotten the amazing job you and your guys did… I have proudly showed these countertops to other trades people, and they all commented on the exceptional fabrication and seam work. Thank you for being so easy to work with, and being part of this project. We love our ‘new’ old house, and the kitchen, with its perfect countertops, is truly the heart of it.

Why Granite?

Natural stone has been used in households for centuries. The combination of functionality and beauty is hard to match. The king amongst all the countertop options was a hard fought battle until Granite finally emerged as the countertop of choice for so many homeowners.

Granite was used in ancient Egypt for some pyramids, in Rome they built the Pantheon of Granite. The Renaissance saw Granite being used for pools and baths and finally in the late 1880’s the richest of homes began to use Granite countertops.

Granite has an unparalleled beauty. With incredible patterns, rich tones and hues and unearthly colors this material is just too versatile to overlook.

Granite started taking off in the 1970s.

Although granite was used in luxury homes as early as the 1920s, it became the mainstream countertop of choice in the 1970s, suggests Blate. Granite remains popular amongst homeowners and will likely always be popular because of its attractive look that can’t be duplicated. Each slab of granite is unique

Andrew Blate, co-owner of Beautiful Home Services

Granite countertop in kitchen

The first step in your journey begins with an in-depth consultation on your home, your desire and the functionality you need for your new kitchen or bathroom.

Martina and Karl, the owners of Stonewrights are delighted to help you begin to explore the beauty of natural stone and especially the wonder of Granite.

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