What the heck is vertical integration?

 That is a fancy term for controlling the whole production process of your product.

  • We personally pick the Granite, Soapstone, Engineered Quartz, or Marble slabs that are the raw material of your new countertops.
  •  We then use our in-house equipment to layout, cut, and polish your raw material into heritage-worthy, kitchen or bathroom, countertops.
  • Finally, our team of installation craftspeople install your new natural or engineered  stone counters with a precision born of years of experience.

 Why is this so important?

After all, the big box stores don’t have this level of control.

 Let’s form a hypothetical.

 A color of stone is  chosen, often from a small sample, and then ordered from a giant mill out-of-province. It is cut on huge machines at a tremendous rate and then shipped. Any flaws cannot be seen, let alone fixed before it arrives.

Now contracted installers take the countertop and try to make it fit with potentially rough fixes that mar the esthetic of your kitchen.

Suddenly, your dream kitchen is not so dreamy anymore.

 That is why vertical integration is so important when you are talking about heirloom quality natural stone countertops.

Any problems, or issues, cannot be blamed on separate companies in a customer service ping pong nightmare.

 A single company controls the process from beginning to end. Any issues are spotted immediately and fixed on the spot. This allows the passion for customer service to be controlled as well.

From Halifax to the south shore, to all around Nova Scotia, the reputation of Stonewrights is unparalleled. Our reputation was built on being able to “make things wright” to ensure your dreams come true.

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