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How to choose the right stone for your project.

There has never been a wider selection of stone surfaces to select from.

Here are 4 outstanding choices:


We built our business on granite and it is still a terrific choice for kitchens, baths and fireplaces.  It is almost completely heat resistant, extremely durable, and comes in a dazzling range of colours and patterns that must be seen to be fully appreciated. A maintenance free, high-quality natural granite is SENSA granite by COSENTINO, a granite with protective treatment resulting in high stain-resistance and a 15-year transferable warranty. This makes granite more appealing than ever.

Engineered quartz:

Engineered stone is created by combining fine ground quartz aggregate, resins and colours, baking and polishing the slabs using much the same process as polishing natural stone. The finished product offers very consistent colours and for many customers, beauty similar to natural stone.


Silestone is the largest supplier of engineered quartz in the world. They offer an impressive selection of colours. It is important to note that Silestone makes a significant number of these slabs in larger (jumbo) formats which helps minimizing the number of seams required. View Silestone’s website.


Caesarstone is a very popular engineered quartz in North America, and with a wide range of appealing colours and patterns it is easy to see why.  We sell the full range of these colours and would be happy to review them with you. See more on the Caesarstone website.


For centuries the most exclusive homes have displayed this beautiful and iconic surface in kitchens and baths. Homeowners should understand , however that marble is almost entirely alkaline. When acidic substances like lemon juice come in contact with this alkali, they neutralize one another, leaving an etch mark on the surface.

Regular sealing can help protect marble against staining but cannot prevent etching.

Recently, varieties of “hard marble” like “Superwhite” have come to market that are much harder and less susceptible to etching. Ask us about this stone.


Soapstone is a distinctive and handsome option. It is completely heat resistant, non-porous, feels somewhat softer to the touch and is normally oiled or waxed to highlight the subtle veining. Oiling or waxing also gives it the traditional dark charcoal or almost black appearance.

We specify Church Hill soapstone from Alberene, Virginia for two reasons:

  1. It is the hardest soapstone quarried in North America, and
  2. The quarry that produces this stone is owned by a Canadian company

Learn more about Alberene Soapstone.

Each of these choices has its own appeal and are best viewed in person. We’d be happy to make an appointment to show you what we mean!