Pick a stone, get it installed, happy life ensues.

This is how many of our customers think the new countertop project will go.

The great thing is, working with us that is exactly how it will seem to you and your family…

…but like a magician, the secret, complex, activities all go on behind the scenes.

Let’s look at the journey to heritage-quality countertops from the eyes of the professionals.

Your choice of stone to suite your family’s lifestyle:

  • Granite – beautiful, but up to the rigors of a busy family
  • Quartz – unlimited design options and incredibly durable. Small kids and a ton of use makes this the perfect choice for your busy family.
  • Soapstone – incredibly warm, cozy feel for your design needs but not for the hard usage lifestyle. This one needs more care to last a lifetime.
  • Marble – ultimate elegance, but not for banging and clanging. Marble is that wonderful family heirloom you cherish and always protect.

When to install:

Spring and summer have advantages as you think about that inevitable install process.

Having people walk in and out is easier climate wise in the spring and summer

Spring and summer are often less busy with more options for enjoying the outdoors while work is done inside.

Less family holidays to consider, especially food dominated ones like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

But don’t forget bugs inside, less price flexibility due to customer demand and air conditioning costs.

Fall and winter have pros and cons as well:

Less competition that could lead to more flexible install times and pricing.

No bugs getting into the house

You are more apt to be stuck inside the house as the install work hammers on.

Don’t forget slush and snow in the house, heating costs rising, and all those family holidays.

What about your countertop provider:

Precision is the key to a world-class countertop project. If you are looking for the countertops of your dreams it is imperative to have the best fit and finish possible.

A misaligned seam, uneven surface, or imprecise installation when joining the backsplash will mar the project forever. Even the smallest imperfection is like a hangnail, it just keeps bothering you and never goes away.

One rare, but effective solution for avoiding problems is the term…

Vertical Integration.

It is a fancy way of saying your countertop company controls the entire process when producing your heritage-quality countertops.

Stonewrights uses only top-quality raw materials curated by our family to ensure the best possible foundation for your project

We take that wonderful material and mill it to the highest standards of precision in OUR factory based right here in Nova Scotia.

Finally, our artisan installation team adheres to that same standard of precision to ensure a tight, seamless, client-pleasing fit in your home.

When you finally decide on installing your dream countertops make sure you work with a company that controls the whole process from start to finish.

Our family is fanatical about what we do, how we do it, and our customer service reputation.

When the work is done then what?

That is when customer service really separates the wheat from the chaff. Make sure your stone countertop provider is committed to after care for your legacy countertops.

  • Ongoing advice and problem resolution
  • Countertop care products and education
  • Disaster recovery services

Are all important as ongoing services from your vendor.

It all starts with a chat:

Call Martina and schedule a discussion about your specific countertop needs. The journey begins with understanding everything you desire and then making it happen.


When only the best will do.
Stonewrights makes it Wright