Soapstone – Beauty with a “homey” feel

Soapstone has a delightful quality appeal to it and is perfect for kitchen designs emphasizing warmth and a family feel. It has a “silky” look and texture that makes it feel “softer” and more inviting than other stone options for some projects.

The “eye” of the artisan is imperative when working with Soapstone. Its beauty is simple with understated qualities that add warmth to your kitchen.

Soapstone contains talc and this accounts for the softer feel and silky appearance. Soapstone’s color spectrum can be affected by oiling and waxing the surface. When oiled it can begin as a light grey color and go all the way to dark grey, dark green or black.

Oiling or waxing Soapstone enhances the natural aging process and gives it a more consistent appearance over the whole countertop. Soapstone will naturally darken over time as well.

You have to be prepared to “baby” your new Soapstone countertop a bit. In the beginning you may have to oil your Soapstone a few times a month before tapering off as it ages.

A bit of vigilance will ensure your family a heritage quality countertop your friends will envy and you will love.

Use cutting boards and be careful of dropping heavy pans on it for example. (Good advice for all types of countertops actually.)

So, how do you decide if the homey chic and “WOW” factor of Soapstone is for you?

As stated above, Soapstone will darken overtime as a patina develops. Some people love this and some do not. Be aware this WILL happen when deciding if Soapstone is for you.

Soapstone countertop

Other Points to Consider

  • You are looking for a beautiful surface that can be used in any kitchen design but excels in older homes and heritage look projects.
  • If you are a baker and need non-porous, wipe and go countertops. Soapstone is acid and heat resistant as well.
  • If you are looking for potentially cost-effective stunning results.

Then Soapstone should be a powerful contender.

The Wonders of Soapstone

Soapstone is a viable choice for any kitchen. It has different levels of hardness depending on its talc content. Less talc means a harder stone that is more suitable for kitchen countertops and the wear and tear they endure.

Soapstone is non-porous, this means no sealant is needed and spills of wine are not going to stain your countertops. (Still be sure to wipe up spills promptly.)

Soap and water are all the cleaning necessary for this remarkable stone.

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