While all-white is still a popular choice, there has been movement toward neutral tones. This trend helps keep your countertops current as the years pass. The subtle elegance of neutral tones helps the integration of the total kitchen package. Your floors, cabinets, and backsplash do not have to compete so hard against the countertop focal point.

Subtle elegance is the key

The demand for Granite and Quartz has skyrocketed this year.

Granite is timeless and a perennial favorite of many when it comes to heritage quality countertops. The beauty, durability, and diversity of colors and patterns makes Granite a top choice year-after-year.

That being said, Quartz countertops have really taken off over the last few years. They are incredibly tough and a great choice for a busy family. They have a huge range of colors, patterns, and finishes that help them fit into any kitchen décor choice.

You cannot go wrong with either Granite or Engineered Quartz as a marvelous choice for your new dream kitchen project.

Light color or dark color countertops?

As in all things, it depends.

You need to really work with a countertop professional to help you decide on the most practical design choice for your family.

Let’s think on this example:

A simple choice it seems, white or black countertops, but you will be surprised.

Is your water hard or soft? Hard water can leave watermarks (white rings) that must be constantly cleaned. Obviously much more of an issue with a dark color vs light or white.

Is your kitchen the family gathering place with lots of traffic, thrills, and spills?

Tiny fingers often spill, and of course older fingers can knock over wine and coffee at any time. Certainly, a quick wipe and disaster is averted, but the spill will be much more visible on white surfaces vs dark ones.

How big is your kitchen?

For the human eye, black will make a room appear smaller while white will make it look more expansive. Another factor is the design you favour. Black is a little more serious vs a lighter, airier feel to white. It all depends on the feel you are trying to achieve when you choose light vs dark tones.

What is your design preference?

Patterns, veins, even pops of color are starting to become more prevalent this year. Customers are becoming bolder in their design comfort levels leading to statement countertops.

Eye-popping vs subtle is an age-old design war that looks to have no end. Understated elegance calls for more muted tones, hues, and patterns. Bold can literally have no limits, especially with Quartz and its ability to transform into custom colors and patterns.

Kitchen designers can give you spectacular guidance on this issue, but at days end, you will cast the deciding vote. So be bold or be more restrained, the final choice is yours alone.

We will talk about Soapstone and Marble countertops along with kitchen and outdoor options as well. In the meantime, visit a world-class countertop company like Stonewrights and browse through the marvelous slabs of material just waiting for you.

Look, touch, and wait for YOUR slab to resonate with you. You will feel a physical reaction when your fingers touch the beautiful stone you will call your own.

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