Selecting a quartz countertop for your bathroom or kitchen is not a difficult decision to make based on the quality of material and its many advantages. The great news for your home project is that there are more options for quartz counters today than there have ever been! The calamity – if you can call it that – is that there is an enormous number of choices you can make for the best quartz countertop designs for your home. 


There is no doubt that a quartz countertop is by far the best choice for many homes, regardless of the color, design, customization, or pattern you choose.


Features & Applications Of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is easy to care for as it is a premium surface that does not need sealing to maintain resistance against stains or water. Quartz is an extremely strong substance that holds up well against anything a family can put on a counter – hot dishes, cold drinks, messy ingredients, spills, and much more. A quartz countertop resists stains and does not chip easily. Due to all of these features, a quartz countertop increases the resale value of your home.


A majority of homeowners believe that a quartz countertop’s ideal place is in the kitchen or bathroom. However, these countertops can be an excellent choice for the laundry room or mudroom for your home. 


Quartz countertops can facilitate ironing, folding, and preparing clothes for stain removal with the addition of having a built-in utility sink. They can also be a valuable addition to the handicraft room as it resists stains and scratches. It is also extremely durable and is easily wiped clean.


Let’s take a look at some of the first things you need to consider when buying a quartz countertop.

Why Stonewrights Only Uses Slabs and Never Prefab countertops

You can choose a slab or a prefabricated quartz countertop for your home, but why would you?. Initially, it might look less expensive until the real costs emerge. Prefabricated quartz countertops can be cut to fit standard countertop sizes and come with a finished edge. This sounds great, except most homes will need custom dimensions and custom installation. Prefabricated quartz countertops also come with a standard-sized hole for the sink, again, a hole that will probably not be correct for the beautiful sink you choose.


A slab quartz countertop has an impressive finish and looks at the end of the installation. Prefabricated quartz countertops do not offer as much variety of choices in comparison to a slab quartz countertop or look as elegant or professional.


Why Is Thickness Important?

Quartz countertops are available in three standard thicknesses that utilize fabrication. The three thicknesses are 1.2cm, 2cm, and 3cm. Stonewrights always use 3cm thick stone. It is stronger, more durable, and the right choice for heritage quality countertops in the heart of your home, the kitchen. 


Skimping on the thickness of your countertops will always come back to haunt you. Quality dealers will always use 3cm thickness, period.


1.2 Centimeters & 2.0 Centimeters Quartz Countertops

The 1.2-centimeter thick quartz countertop slab is the thinnest variation that is most used in prefabricated quartz countertops. The quartz countertop available in 1.2cm thickness is pre-laminated and pre-polished. These countertops require considerable support because they are fragile. The 1.2cm quartz countertop is most common in a vertical installation such as the fringes of a fireplace, wall coverings, and bathroom decoration. Avoid them at all costs for your bathroom or kitchen countertops.


The 2-centimeter thick quartz countertop is marginally better but still underperforms durability standards when used in the kitchen.


3.0 Centimeters Quartz Countertops (The Only Ones We Use)

The 3-centimeter thick quartz countertops are the industry standard for quartz countertops. These pieces are referred to as the classics and significantly increase the resale value of your property. The 3 cm thickness of the quartz countertop exposes fewer seams and delivers a luxurious, intricate, and vibrant look for the kitchen countertop. Damage to these pieces is highly unlikely if they are installed professionally and they do not require plywood support because of their thickness.


The 3 cm thick quartz countertops have the longest lifespan and offer the most design customizations. Let’s look at some of the customizations available.


Why Are Edge Profiles Important?

Details matter, especially when you are investing in the perfect quartz countertop for your home. Consumers can choose from edge designs that include Eased/Flat and Pencil, with Pencil being our customer’s all-time favorite.


Not only do custom edges improve the look of your countertop they alleviate the sharp 90-degree angles of the corners to ensure safety. 


How To Find The Right Quartz Countertop For Your Home Remodeling?

The professionals at Stonewrights understand that each house has exclusive requirements for its countertop. Our professionals can help you customize a quartz countertop based on your design needs. Artisan experts suggest the best shapes, designs, colors, and other details for your quartz countertop that can help you achieve an elegant interior design for your kitchen, bathroom, or workspace. They also offer a wide variety of choices so you can pick and choose your favorite design.


Stonwrights countertop specialists can immaculately install a quartz countertop of your liking based on your specific requirements in Nova Scotia. Contact us today!