The Beauty of Stone

From the beginning of time man has had an affinity for stone.

We lived in caves, carved tools from stone, and depended on stone for survival. It became a race memory to depend on, and love, stone.

In addition to that love of function came the love of stones’ natural beauty. The patterns, colors, and patina of stone mesmerized us through the ages.

That love continues today in our choice of kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, and even tables. We demand the elegance, beauty, and durability of natural stone when it comes to our homes. Granite and Marble countertops are extensions of our design aesthetic. They are aspirational items that people desire, often long before, they have them finally installed. They help tell our story to friends and family that come visit us.

The heart of the home is the kitchen. It is a gathering place we almost always gravitate to. It is as comforting and familiar a place to us as the campfire was to our ancestors. The heart of the kitchen is your countertops. They are where food for you and your family is prepared. They are where people gather to share conversation and laughter. No wonder natural stone has become the material of choice for your kitchen. Our primal memories are tweaked when we gather around a beautiful countertop in a cozy kitchen with those we love.

Picking your slab is an intimate exercise and it depends on an emotional connection. The perfect stone will resonate within you. You will feel its vibration. It is an incredible feeling when you find the perfect material for your particular project. You just KNOW it. This is the one. To be truly special, choosing your stone should be done in person. Picking from a photo just cannot replicate the experience.

We strongly encourage you to choose a countertop material you can see, and above all, feel. Choosing your stone is a joyous part of getting your new countertops and should not be missed.

Talk to Martina and arrange a tour of our production facility. You can see the selection of natural stone slabs and see if one connects with you.

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