1) Marble was the first stone countertop ever used we believe
starting over 2,00 years ago.
The sheer elegance and majesty of Marble has been a part of
kitchen design ever since. If you are looking to make a statement,
elevate your design, or just marvel at its beauty, Marble is for you.

2) Quartz is actually harder than Granite.
Quartz is a man-made material famous for its durability. It can be
made in an infinite number of patterns and colours and can be
That being said, Granite is still the favourite stone countertop
option for the majority of buyers. It is timeless.

3) Soapstone appears soft but does not crack easily.
It is true that Soapstone needs gentler, loving, care. However it is,
surprisingly robust when it comes to cracking.
You will still must be careful as it scratches more easily than
some other stone options.
With care, the incredible beauty and homey feeling of Soapstone
attracts discerning designers looking for warm, inviting, kitchens.

4) Installing Granite countertops can increase the value of your
home when selling.
While the exact return-on-investment numbers can be hard to
quantify, realtor’s agree kitchen renos are key when selling.

The popularity of Granite countertops as a sales tool can be seen
on almost all home improvement TV shows. The first question in
the kitchen is “Are these Granite countertops?”


5) Is Quartz environmentally friendly?
While all stone supplies are finite, one advantage of Quartz to the
environment is its ability to be made regionally. This local
availability helps reduce the cost and environmental impact of
Quartz. There is no need to burn diesel in huge quantities to transport
huge slabs of Quartz across the country or even around the

Everyone knows about the beauty, elegance, and joy of having
stone countertops in their home. Many are surprised by their
durability, flexibility, and diversity of choices.

We are happy to chat “Stone” or answer any questions you might

Martina and Karl.